Why Sick kids should be allowed at daycare!?!


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One of my colleagues and I went back and forth discussing this article for a while. Needless to say neither of us were impressed!

Here is our thoughts and conversation:

(C) for Colleague
(A) Amanda

(C) I think this article is ridiculous lol

(A) I’m no doctor, but absolutely do not agree. If a child doesn’t feel 100% and does not have the language skills/ understanding to express the problem, I would not recommend bringing them to daycare.
As an adult if you don’t feel well you get to make a judgement call on whether you should stay home. If you wouldn’t feel up to dealing with a 10 other people ( and keep in mind these are busy, loud, little people 🙂 then don’t put your child in a situation they can’t cope well in.
After all they are our children. We want them to be happy, healthy, and have fun.
Day cares will often make a judgement call. I have never seen a child sent home because of one bout of diarrhea.
Ugh… So many thoughts! Yours?

(C) Since you ask though haha…
I agree with everything you just said plus I think the Educators are just that – Educators. Nurses? No. Its unfair especially in a small community daycare home setting to ask her to nurse to health your sick child while still teaching and engaging with upwards of 5 other little ones. My motto is quality care and how would it be kept that way if I were preoccupied with the ill child? Not to mention that if I get sick too from the exposure these SAME parents would most likely not pay me for sick time. My kids could catch it amd id still have to work…and the cycle if declining quality would continue!

(A) Thank you! When you have children, sometimes you need to stay home with them and enjoy the down time cuddles. I live the cuddles 🙂

To all my readers, what are your thoughts and opinions? (I won’t be upset if you don’t agree…much 🙂