Should we teach our children to share?



Should we teach children to share?

There is no need to teach children it’s “all or nothing”. There is nothing wrong with attempting to teach your children to negotiate. While it’s true that if you allow your child to bring a toy to the park, they do not need to give it to another child. There is nothing wrong with encouraging said child to share. (unless you have a group of siblings) There is no need to “make” a child share, but there is no reason we should not encourage our children to do so. Note: I said encourage not pressure. Like you or I, as an adult there are times that I share. I do not rip someones sunglasses off in line at the supermarket and try them on. I do however lend out books, movies, and sometimes even my car. Yes. The one that I drive. Not because I have to, or because my Mommy told me to, simply because it’s kind. With that said, while this mother makes a valid point. “Sharing” is not a black and white topic. Children need to be taught that sharing is just that, sharing. It’s not the end of the world, the toy will be returned. By that same token children need to learn boundaries, they will not always get what they want when they want it. This will be a judgement call for parents. Every circumstance and scenario is different, and therefore how parents (and educators) handle each situation should be different. While it is important to be consistent with children. It is equally important to use each situation as a teachable moment. Comments?