My First Blog Entry

Writing a blog

When I was first approached about writing a blog that offered parenting advice, tips, and stories from personal experience, my initial response was ‘but I’m not a parent’. Yes I’ve been a foster parent for a number of years, an Early Childhood Educator, a live in and a live out Nanny. Though without having any children of my own I wondered if I was the right person to give advice.

Amanda Audit Nannying | Image

Then it hit me moments ago with a fresh poured glass of wine. Coffee, wine, and/or chocolate always prompt my “best thinking”. I have had years of caring for little people at their best and more commonly, their worst moments. I have been helping parents and children for more than 10 years with all the fun stuff that toddling brings.

There is the ever popular: bitin
g, hitting, sharing, or rather lack there of, because it’s “mine!”, and a personal favourite, potty training…(note the sarcasm). Though I am thrilled when it’s over. The tantrums, while they can be over nothing and semi entertaining, they can also be mortifying, especially in Target. That’s when the real fun starts….

So it occurred to me while I most certainly do not have all the answers, I do have a decent supply of coffee, wine, and more importantly an adequate amount of sleep (for the moment). As a former foster parent, I know it’s not easy to come by with children. Therefore, maybe I can provide some tips that have worked for me. After all, for each round of biting, hitting, and so on, I tried to do my due diligence; Putting common sense and the internet/library to good use because there is no lack of information for parents out there. More often that not the information is contradicting. Parents face a lack of time and going through the many resources while parenting and running your home can be difficult to say the least.

This blog will provide answers to commonly and maybe not so commonly asked questions. I will provide links to resources/articles that I find helpful, inspiring, and sometimes just plain funny!

I love hearing your comments and helping out in anyway I can, so please feel free to ask questions. I will do my very best to answer them.