10 Things to Teach Your Children



10 Things to Teach Your Children

1. Be kind to one another…seems easy but it can be easy to get caught up in silly gossip. Children pick up on everything!

2. Be grateful. We often want to give our children the best of everything. (There is of course nothing wrong with this) We need to teach our children to be thankful for what they have, and to work for what they want.

3. Be positive. Being positive is a skill and an attitude. While it may come easily to some, others need to be taught. Teach your children how to focus on all the good things that happen and to try and learn from the events that were less than satisfactory.

4. Be empathetic. Hard is hard. Everyone has different experiences, and feels differently about them. The bottom line is their is no scale to judge how difficult a struggle is for any individual. It comes down to respecting the feelings of others.

5. Put effort into everything you do. Remember it is not the destination that counts but the journey. If you put effort into your work, it is easy to be proud of it.

6. Be thoughtful. Enough said.

7. Encourage others. Everyone enjoys praise for a good effort.

8. You are special. (So is everyone else) You want your child to feel special, let’s face it, they mean the world to you. However, it’s important that your children understand that each of their friends, classmates, everyone, is equally special and is deserving of respect.

9. Respect. Teach children that whether or not they are in agreement with another person’s views, they need to respond politely. Screaming at someone, because you are frustrated will not get you very far.

and of course…

10. Life isn’t fair, but we try our best to be.